Photo Essay: Taking a stand for clean energy


From left, Daniel Sheiffer, Cora Sheiffer, Valencia Bednar, and Sylvia Sheiffer  discover it’s never to soon to learn about the environment
Julie Kimmel delivers a Mother’s Day Proclamation with her 3-year-old daughter Margo. Kimmel, of 350 Fairfax, calls on caregivers of all kinds to push for 100% renewable energy in Fairfax.

More than 100 people took a stand for clean energy in Virginia on Sunday at the 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Climate Rally at Veterans’ Amphitheater in Fairfax, VA, sponsored by the the FCDC National Affairs Committee and the NOVA Climate Movement. Speakers included VA District 34 Sen. Chap Peterson and three Virginia delegates, Carroll Foy, Elizabeth Guzman and Vivian Watts. A lesson from the Solar on our Schools Movement was given by Emma Layton of Woodson High School. Erin Phillips of George Mason University’s Forensics Team encouraged the younger members of the audience to distinguish “what we need from what we want’ and to stand up to companies who pollute the environment. “We need to review, revoke and reimagine the future and to see how deep our footprints will be before we take a step,” she said. After speeches and a group photo, the social justice folk-rock band M4TR entertained the crowd.



Photo at top: Environmentalists of all ages take a stand for clean energy in Virginia. / By Lanie Kinze of The Crystal Lenz Photography and Video

Photo Essay by Karen Kirk, The Blue View Deputy Editor / Photo Editor