Parker Messick: Development in Hunter Mill is excessive

Ed Note: We invite all Democrats running for office in northern Virginia to submit an individual statement, maximum 500 words. This one comes from Parker Messick,  a candidate for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Hunter Mill District. The primary election for this race will take place on June 11th.

By Parker Messick.

The Hunter Mill district is a dynamic community that is home to many.

We are strengthened by the diverse cultures and ideologies that our great citizens bring to the district. Regardless of wealth or status, this community has been a beautiful place to live and work. However, over the last several years the Hunter Mill district has undergone an excessive amount of development. The increased burden on our local businesses, roads, environment, and schools goes against the intended purposes of development in our community. This burden of excessive development has been especially felt by long term residents of the district.

As a near lifelong resident of this community, I have witnessed the place I call home slowly transform into a community that only benefits a select few. The addition of expensive, high-rise apartments and buildings has made it extremely difficult for the Hunter Mill district to be a home to many. Increased development is not acceptable when it prohibits members of the district from enjoying what the community has to offer.

The paid parking at the Reston Town Center is a prime example of this prohibitive behavior. Restonians should not have to pay for parking at the Town Center. The simple act of paid parking discourages many citizens from socializing and shopping at Town Center, removing a source of community engagement and hurting local businesses in the process. The congestion present on local roadways has also impacted the citizens’ abilities to commute in a timely manner and practice safe driving practices. Our roads need to be upgraded and expanded for shortened commutes and safer travels.

Excessive development destroys the natural beauty of the Hunter Mill district. Preserving the natural aesthetics and protecting the local environment are of vital importance. One of the major benefits of living in this area is that we are fortunate enough to enjoy a myriad of environmental amenities. Protecting our local environment also builds a better future for our children. I want our children to have equal access to everything our community has to offer. We must ensure that our children live in a safe, welcoming environment and receive a quality education through the retention of qualified teachers and needed educational resources. We must think of the community that we leave to future generations.

My platform is focused on giving back to a community that has given me so much. This community needs a supervisor who works in the interest of the people, not outside corporations. I will fight to preserve the Hunter Mill district as an area to live and work in for all citizens.

My name is Parker Messick and I am gladly running as a Democratic candidate for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in the Hunter Mill District. Please check out my website to learn more and get involved.