My experience sets me apart, says Ray Morrogh, seeking re-election as Commonwealth’s Attorney

By Ray Morrogh:

Ray Morrogh is Commonwealth’s Attorney for Fairfax County and candidate for re-election in the Democratic primary on June 11.

In my 35 years of experience as a prosecutor, I have approached each case with the same guiding principle: to seek justice in every case.  I’m proud that my record has led hundreds of defense attorneys to endorse my campaign for re-election. They know that in Fairfax County their clients will always be treated fairly.

I have had hundreds of jury trials and handled thousands of cases.  In doing so I have seen horrible things done by evil people.  I also have seen the strength and resilience of survivors.  I see tragedies such as mental illness or drug addiction that causes people to end up in the criminal justice system.  Each case is different.  No defendant and no victim are the same.  In every case, I use my experience to seek justice.

I have been in touch with this community since moving here in 1974.  I attended West Springfield High School.  I have remained in this community as I started and raised my family here.  I have served this community since graduating from George Mason University Law School in 1982 as a defense attorney and an attorney for individuals facing mental health commitment.  I am proud to have served this community every day since 1983 when I became an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Today, I continue to work with the community implementing diversion programs and alternative dockets to help defendants who don’t belong in jail.  I work with the community every day talking to witnesses, victims, police officers, probation officers, and defense attorneys to reach just and equitable outcomes for all.

Part of my job is taking calls at three in the morning when homicide detectives are making investigative decisions.  I have been to crime scenes and tried dozens of murder trials.  I use that experience to help the police investigate these serious cases.  They count on me to make sure that those cases are legally strong when we go to court.  I also take meetings with victims, witnesses, and attorneys to explain the decisions that I make.  These are difficult decisions  It’s my experience and knowledge of the law that guides me in seeking justice and serving the community’s interests.

In my view, the sharpest contrast in this race is not on policy, but on experience.  My primary opponent only joined the Virginia bar in  2017, and has never tried a case in our courthouse. Under my leadership, pledges made by my opponent on immigration, mass incarceration, and criminal justice reform are already happening in Fairfax County.

I am proud of the work I have done serving this community and the work that my office has done under my leadership.  I ask you to vote for me June 11th so that I can continue serving this community.