Fairfax $25 million grant program is latest resource to help our region cope with pandemic

With the covid-19 lockdown in place in northern Virginia until at least May 29 — two weeks later than the rest of the Commonwealth — it is more important than ever to know the resources available to support residents and businesses in our region.

Most recently, Fairfax County has just announced a $25 million grant program for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Maximum grant size is $20,000, and one-third of the funding will targeted to businesses owned by women and minorities. For more information and to sign up for an application, click here.

This program complements the county’s $2.5 mm microloan program also for small businesses, also limited to $20,000 per loan. See Blue View story here.

For federal programs, US Rep. Don Beyer (VA-8) provides a helpful summary on his website. Click here. The information is grouped into three categories:

  • Financial assistance, including information on direct payments, expanded unemployment insurance, expanded paid leave, information for federal workers, information for students, and updates on tax filing deadlines
  • Housing Assistance, including rent/mortgage forbearance and rules barring evictions
  • Food Assistance to prevent hunger

As Rep. Beyer concludes in his summary of financial assistance, “We are all in this together!”

Photo: Aerial view of Fairfax County from Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

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