Guns banned from Fairfax County polling places

On September 15, The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance prohibiting all firearms at any:

  • Facility or property owned or leased by Fairfax County for government purposes;
  • Public parks;
  • Recreation and community center operated by the county, and
  • Public street.

Since giving notice, the prohibitions must be posted at all entrances and exits. Exemptions include firearms concealed in a locked automobile parked legally. Violation of the ordinance is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Therefore, guns will be banned at polling places for November 3, and early absentee in-person voting located at community and recreation centers and libraries just as they have been in public schools.

Last year, a voter with a gun entered Bailey’s Crossroads Community Center (Bailey’s Precinct).  This was not expressly prohibited prior to the new ordinance even though public school children are regularly present at the center.

The Election Law and Voter Protection Committee of Fairfax County Democratic Committee has been following and discussing this issue and we are encouraged that this new law will promote a safe and non-intimidating election.

__FCDC Election Protection Committee