Victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

By Bryan Graham, Chair, FCDC:

Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia sent a message on Election Day, and we are proud that other communities across the country have joined us in embracing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the best people to lead this country forward. We made history in electing the first woman, first African American and first Asian American to the Vice Presidency.

Bryan Graham, Chair, FCDC

Republicans and the President sadly continue their attack against voters. It is clear that they do not understand the electoral process and the mechanics used to ensure that an accurate vote is conducted with integrity. Counting results, waiting for the mail ballots from military voters, adjudicating provisional ballots, and eventually certifying the results is a process that always takes time. These efforts to abandon the true votes of American citizens and sow doubt of the outcome will fail.

Now that we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our President- and Vice President-elect, we will have leaders that will work to heal the division in this country instead of dividing us. We are brimming with optimism that with real leadership for America, our country can emerge from this pandemic with plans and resources that will keep people safe while allowing economic recovery. We look forward to real plans to improve health care, create green jobs and industry, and repair the damage done by the disastrous Trump Administration.

Fairfax County Democrats mailed hundreds of thousands of postcards to voters in Fairfax County, across the Commonwealth, and battleground states across the country. Through text messaging and phone banking, we energized new voters here in Fairfax to vote for their first time or for the first time in a while. We look forward to taking this energy forward as we decide the next leaders of our Commonwealth in 2021.