Gun Violence Awareness Day.

On Friday, June 2, 2023, to mark Gun Violence Awareness Day, Vice President Kamala Harris
traveled to Springfield, VA and delivered remarks on the Biden-Harris Administration’s
commitment to gun violence prevention.
Thank you to those who attended Friday’s event in honor of Gun Violence Awareness Day. We
encourage everyone in the Commonwealth to embrace the Biden-Harris commitment and join
the fight to prevent gun violence.
As Vice President Harris said, “Let us keep up the fight and make sure that the voice of the
people will be heard. We are all in this together. And so, together, we must fight.  And when we
fight, we win.”
Virginia has experienced gun violence in many sectors, including but not limited to Virginia Tech,
Hampton Roads, and Tysons Corner. The Gun Violence Archive counted 646 mass shootings in
the U.S. in 2022; 20 of these shootings were in Virginia.
Guns are the leading cause of death for our children and teens, accounting for nearly 19% of
childhood deaths (ages 1-18) in 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention WONDER database. Nearly 3,600 children died in gun-related incidents that year. My
son was living in Highland Park when an active shooter came to a 4th of July parade and opened
fire. This is a mother’s worse nightmare.
Lastly, Congress must pass universal background checks; eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity
from liability; and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. We wear orange to show
solidarity with those whose lives were tragically taken.
Reese Espy Glassman 
Blue View

Reese Espy Glassman is an elected Biden-Harris delegate in the 8th Congressional District. She teaches international law at American University, Morehouse, and Spelman College.