Racial justice focus of Mason District meeting

By Abby Block: Racial bias in interactions of Fairfax County Police with the community and racial disparities within the Fairfax County Schools was discussed during the July meeting of the Mason District Democratic Committee (MDDC). Terry Adams, Chief Deputy in…

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What is Wrong with Donald Trump?

By Bob Leggett: Dr. Bandy X. Lee – a noted Yale professor and psychiatrist — presented a sobering and alarming assessment of the current president’s mental health and his fitness to hold office in a virtual discussion with Fairfax County…

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Founding Blue View editors say goodbye

By Brad Swanson and Karen Kirk: After more than two years and almost 400 articles, this is the last story that we will post as editors of The Blue View. We’ve reached almost 80,000 of you in northern Virginia, and…

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Why do Republicans abandon their values for Trump?

By Bob Leggett: It is well documented that the current Republican administration is more corrupt and incompetent than any administration in our lifetime. What is harder to understand is why. What are the reasons that high-ranking members of the Republican…

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OPINION: Fairfax sheriff still helps ICE deport immigrants

By Diane Burkley Alejandro: Starting July 1, Fairfax Sheriff Stacey Kincaid is taking another step toward non-cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As permitted by a new Virginia law, she says she will no longer collect citizenship and immigration status information for persons booked for misdemeanors.