Behind the Headlines: The Facebook dilemma

By Karen Kirk: Is it time to quit Facebook? I’m not alone in asking this question. There’s #DeleteFacebook on Twitter and various stories in the media about those who’ve gone cold turkey. Maybe it was always too good to be…

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Virginia Democrats blocked in opposing puppy mills

By Susan Laume: Despite the known dangers, pet stores in Fairfax County and throughout Virginia can still legally sell puppies and kittens from commercial breeders, commonly called puppy mills. Virginia Democratic legislators sponsored anti-puppy mill bills this session, but the…

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Grassroots Profiles: VA Democracy Forward

By Holly Hazard: VA Democracy Forward (VADF) is a local, progressive group working to turn Virginia blue by connecting people, sharing ideas, and taking action toward a better future. Here, Holly Hazard interviews Chris Le Menestrel, its Co-Lead. Q: Other…

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